I just made carrot cake faster than I’ve ever made it before! Probably faster than I ever will. Well, maybe. If I know all of the ingredients better I might be able to do it faster. I got a Kitchenaid because my mom thought I was so enthusiastic about cooking. It’s totally wicked! It comes with a dough hook, a paddle mixer, a whisk, and it comes with an instruction book “Get to know your Kitchenaid”.

It took me only five minutes (just guessing) to mix all the ingredients. The first time I made it took me a half hour. If your kitchen isn’t big enough, I’d suggest getting a cart to put it on because it’s huge. It weighs 30 pounds! We got a great deal from, it was about half the price because it was refurbished. It looks brand new to me.

I can’t wait to make more stuff. I bet you if I have enough ingredients and cake pans and oven space I could crank out carrot cakes like there’s no tomorrow.

It’s really helpful in the kitchen if you have Cerebral Palsy or not, because it’s really efficient. It has settings from one to ten. Ten is fast whipping. The dough hook will knead most yeast doughs in four minutes.

It came a few days earlier than we thought. It was supposed to come on Monday or Tuesday of next week, but it came in today. I’m not sure what I want to make next. Do you have any ideas? If you have a recipe for me to try you can send it to me on our contact page.


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